With Effects Mixer Mackie Mix Series Review

The Mackie Mix Series Review will talk and highlight the important aspects of this mixer to give you an overall idea about this mixer. This is a mixer with proven high headroom along with low noise performance. There are 4 mic line inputs with studio level quality. The EQ is 3 band to provide with clean and precise tone shaping. The cur filter is 75 Hz. There are pan, level and overload indication as well, along with phantom power for studio condenser mics.

Moreover, there are more inputs along with the mic line, like 4 stereo ¼ line inputs. There are dedicated stereo RCA inputs and outputs for recording and playback.

Mackie Mix Series Review

Mackie Mix Series Review

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Now, this Mackie Mix Series Review will venture a little further and try to figure out the features and other added benefits of the mixer in more detail to give you an overall clearer picture of the product.

Easy To Set Up

The setting up is easy and fun to do as you can start mixing with your controller right away. All you need to do is register your Mackie Mix series and download the Virtual DJ LE software to start creating mixes right on your computer and from your home. You can further upgrade your system to Virtual DJ Pro for performing with better quality sound and flare for performing live at venues and parties.

The easy to set up Mackie Mix Series controller is hence not daunting to start working with, even if you are not a professional artist yourself and are just starting out. I will recommend you to start with this controller as it will really upgrade your overall skills to a great extent. It will also keep you a headache free since the controller is really great to set up and you can spend the time concentrate on fueling your creative juices.

Easy to Use

The control system of the Mackie Mix series mixer is easy to use as well, with equalization controls for treble, bass, channel gain and master gain which let the user blend in each part of the mix for creating the perfect masterpiece. It means the user gets to customize their songs and remixes to play for an audience and groove them according to the vibe and atmosphere of the crowd. The Mackie Mix Series Review thinks that this mixer is great to use since it is so easy to learn and start working with.

This is why it can be a great starter kit for an aspiring DJ. You can even start using this if you are only planning to take this as a hobby and nothing else. But keep in mind that you need to have a computer to play this thing as it doesn’t work with any android or iOS devices.You need to download the software to your computer and then you can easily run the controller.

Value for Money

The price you pay is well worth of it compared to the superior quality and performance you get from this DJ controller. The superior build qualities along with the rugged components are a sign that this mixer will serve you for years to come. DJs believe in this name and there is a reason behind it. The Mackie Mix Series Review will also agree to that point. And if you really think about it, paying a price to get a Mackie series is well worth an investment you will make which you will not regret for years to come. Along with superior performance and amazing quality, this mixer will continue to support you through the years and I think that is worth spending the money for.

Mixing is Fun

The mixing on this mixer can be a fun and worthwhile experience as you learn various skills to make yourself more suitable as a professional DJ artist. The jog wheels can be used to scratch as naturally and as smoothly as using a vinyl. The jog wheels can control the pitch and navigate within tracks. The controllers also have features for creating loops and adding effects and launching samples as the pads feel super responsive to the touch. The overall work performance of the controller is of superior quality and that makes the mixing and matching of the remixes a real fun and creative process. You can later save your mixes as audio files. If you keep on working with all the features this controller has to offer, the Mackie Mix Series Review can vouch for your success in the DJ profession in the future.

Now go through the below FAQ , highlighted Pros and Cons  of the Mackie Mix series to further enlighten you in this matter.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Q: Is it possible to connect the mixer to a crown power amp? 

A: Yes.

Q: Is there a USB output in this mixer?

A: No.

Q: Does this mixer come with a sound FX?

A: No, it doesn’t.

Q: Does this item come with the power supply?

A: Yes it does.

Q: The mixer series has effects. Can we all use at once?

A: No. You need to use a knob to change the effects so you can use only one at a time.

Final Words

The Mackie Mix12Fx Series Review would like to conclude that overall the Mackie Mix series (MIXFX5/MIXFX8/MIXFX12) is a series of mixers  with 5 channels to 12 channels with effects, the professional DJs believe in. over the years, the mixer series has been upgraded and become even better in providing the superior quality with outstanding performances. I think this mixer is great for starters and professionals alike and compared to the price range, I must say it is well worth the money. Other than that, I really like the sound effects as well and I have to admit they are not half bad either.

Mackie Mix Series Mix12FX 12-Channel Effects Mixer









  • Easy to set up.
  • Easy to learn and get accustomed with.
  • The price is reasonable compared to the quality of the performance.
  • Jog wheels make adding effects fun and enjoyable.


  • The mixer makes a pretty noticeable hum.
  • The power adapter is noisy.