Hercules DJ Control Compact super-mobile USB Controller Review

Hercules DJ Control review is a detailed review about the Hercules DJ Control Compact super-mobile USB Controller.This is the most complete and portable DJ controller in the market as it is the real On the Go DJ companion. The whole system weighs less than 1.23 pounds so you can imagine how lightweight and portable the thing is. The controller can easily be fitted inside a bag or even a laptop shoulder bag. The controller is USB bus powered and a detachable USB cable is included with the package. The essential functions are all featured in one ultra portable design. There are a two deck DJ controller, 2 jog wheels, mixer controls in the center and individual deck controls on the left and right sides of the controller.

One will get four modes per deck in the controller with Loop, Fx, Samples, Cue. There are 4 pads per deck with 2 equalization potentiometers per deck. Other than these features there are many other technical specifications included in the controller such as 10 control buttons including a SHIFT command that allows for doubling all the pad controls. All in all the other features can be used to hone one’s skills which are needed to make it big as a professional DJ with regular gigs or live shows on request.

Hercules DJ Control Review

Hercules DJControl Compact Review,Hercules Dj Controller Compact,

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Now I will talk about the features and benefits in detail in this Hercules DJ Control review.

Easy To Beat

The Hercules DJ controller is super easy to use and you can start mixing your very first masterpiece in a matter of minutes. The controllers and the software complement each other brilliantly and in the end the user gets benefitted from these combined features. You can display the beats, track lengths and select the next track in an instant as well. The Hercules DJ Control review thinks that this will be a great startup kit for any aspiring DJ as it will build up their confidence and make them more eager to learn the skills to better themselves. The ease of usage is definitely the key to make people more eager to keep at it rather than checking it after the first few tries since they can’t get the hang of it.

The ‘On the Go’ Companion

The Hercules DJ controller can be on the go companion thanks to the compact and narrow shape of the controller. The measurements are 13.4 x 3.9 inches / 34 x 10 cm so you can imagine how compact it is. It can easily fit inside a bag or a shoulder laptop bag to take with for live performances or party gigs. This also means that the user can take it anywhere and everywhere and practice and work on their mixes at practically any time. It can be used while waiting for the train, during a commute or even in the hotel room. The party can be literally anywhere because that’s how portable this super compact controller is. The Hercules DJ Control review approves.

Other than that, thanks to being so compact, this DJ control controller can be kept as an ideal backup device in any event if you are a professional DJ with live gigs on regular days. This way even if the main controller fails, you will have a high performing convenient controller at your service. Having this compact DJ controller at your beck and call will overall enhance your confidence in playing your sets fully and freely as well.

Mixing Like a Pro

The mixing game is literally at your fingertips with this controller. The jog wheels can be used to scratch as naturally as using a vinyl. The jog wheels can control the pitch and navigate within tracks. The controllers also have features for creating loops and adding effects and launching samples as the pads feel super responsive to the touch. The overall work performance of the controller is of superior quality and that makes the mixing and matching of the remixes a real fun and creative process. If you keep on working with all the features this controller has to offer, the Hercules DJ Control review can vouch for your success in the DJ profession in the future. You can later save your mixes as audio files.


Now take a look to following FAQ and some pros and cons in this Hercules DJ Control review.


Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Q: Does this controller have aux?

A: No, it doesn’t have any jacks and only works with a USB.

Q: Is this controller compatible with Serato?

A: No, it isn’t. It works with only one software which can be downloaded for free.

Q: Can I use this with my phone?

A: Since this is a MIDI controller, you can’t use it with a phone and you need a computer.

Q: Can I record the mix that I make on this controller?

A: Yes, there is a record button, you just need to press before you start creating your mix.

Q: Can I use my headphones with it?

A: No, as there are no headphone jacks in this controller.

Final Words

The Hercules DJ controller is a great starter DJ controller according to me. I think this controller will be a great thing to be added to the list of an aspiring DJ. A DJ controller that works well is easy to use and can be taken anywhere with you. This can help you immensely in learning the basic and necessary skills to make it big as a DJ, or to just help you in learning if that’s not your goal. I will recommend this Hercules DJ controller as it is easy to use and compact enough to be carried anywhere. I believe newbie and veteran alike will benefit from this as this is one of the best dj controllers for beginners we’ve reviewed.

Hercules DJControl Compact









  • Super compact, lightweight and portable.
  • Super easy to use and mix your remixes.
  • Can be a great supplement as a backup controller for professional gigs.
  • Jog wheels are as natural as using vinyl.


  • This controller is not compatible with the Virtual DJ.