Benefits of Using DJ Mixer

DJ mixer is probably one of the worst victims of musical stereotyping. People have a perception that DJ mixers are bad influence and an absolute waste of money. Many think it exists to entertain loud, undisciplined and clueless boys who love parties, booze and ladies. This is one of the many reasons why many prospective buyers are always second-guessing their decisions to owning one at all.

DJ mixers are a great way to get oneself into some good engagements; people who own and work on them know that these consoles are just as substantial and important to the society as are your regular jobs or hobbies. To prove my point, we will cover several positive aspects of this amazing gear in our article today. I will introduce you not one or two, but a handful of benefits to using a DJ mixer. You will never look at this equipment the same way ever again. Let’s begin our journey of enlightenment!


  1. Education and Creativity

A DJ mixer promotes learning the same way you would expect your child’s violin or piano classes to. These consoles are used to edit, merge and create new music and sounds. And if you think creating music is easy, then you need to sit down and rethink your life. People who use DJ mixers needs to learn the how to’s on these console to be able to create something truly original. You have to know your ways around sound effects, various different types of settings, cross-fading, transitions and so on. It takes years of learning and passion to master a mixer completely.

Being able to work a mixer properly will require a lot of your sincerity and passion.

  1. Therapy and Relaxation

You do not have to climb a mountain nor win over the world with your DJ mixer and DJ-ing skills unless you are an aspiring professional. It is a great recreational activity that you could do to as a hobby or a pastime. Being able to mess with sounds and your favorite tracks to make something meaningful and personal to you is fuel to your soul and happiness.

You’ll be surprised to know how many people use DJ mixers just to unwind and relax. Just messing around with it, with no conditions of creating any masterpiece whatsoever, lifts up your mood. It is a great resort to get away from the draining reality of work stress and life. Sounds cliché, but is very true.

  1. Sharing

Your DJ mixer is the only way you can share your work of art with your closed ones or the world! Put some of your pieces onto the internet and you will see hundreds of listeners flocking to it like crazy bees. The thing is music is universal and loved everywhere, if you put it out on display, it will get an audience; also a wonderful way to get feedbacks and criticism of your work and an even better way to improve and grow!

YouTube, SoundCloud, etc have become the most popular places you showcase your work you the world. Many enthusiasts, both hobbyists and professional, share their work hard-work with the people in various platforms; great way to make friends who have similar interest, right?

  1. Entertainment

You know what would make your party stand out and become the talk of the town? A DJ! And you could be just that for your parties! And you do not have to be a certified, world-class one either; once you understand the basics and your ways around your DJ mixer, you could very easily be playing them at your house parties. Hook up some amplifiers, speakers and all the other fixes to build your own personal DJ workstation to get the party started.

One of the best things about great quality and high-end DJ mixers is that it lets you expand it. Put in high quality sounds cards, plug in some great external devices, and voila! You have yourself a mini concert arsenal. This small touch will make everyone look forward your parties and you do not even have to spend a buck on hiring a DJ. Win-win.

  1. Side-income

If you are good at what you do then you will show, and your mixer will make sure of it. Your DJ mixer will open more and more doors for you as you progress in your journey towards mastering it. One great way to make the most of your mixer is by using it to make some extra cash. If you have done well DJ-ing your mixer at your home parties, then you can do it for others as well. Start DJ-ing at small parties, gatherings, birthdays, etc. Use your talent and your mixer to enjoy doing what you do and get paid for it too.

One very important tip though: Start off by doing small events only. Refrain from getting yourself into  DJ-ing at high profile events like weddings, proms, etc right away unless you are very much at the top of your game and own some high-class, high-quality and high-performance DJ mixers.

  1. Hire

Speaking of income, you may benefit knowing that many people lease and hire DJ mixers for great prices. If you own a great mixer that you fail to use regularly, you can put it up for being hired. Professional DJs are always looking for a backup DJ mixer that they do not have to buy and your mixer could be the answer. Beginners and learners also prefer to try out or “trial” mixers before diving in.

  1. Connections and Networking

It is no revelation that where there is a DJ and a mixer, there will be some great crowd. You will come across some interesting people and great personalities on your way. This networking will yield you some great results in the long-term and you can be absolutely sure about that.

The exposure you will get from doing small shows and sharing your work, all thanks to your trusty DJ mixer, is going attract a lot of attention to your work. Opportunities will knock at your door for more work invitations and progress eventually; If you are an aspiring DJ or ever truly want to take this field of work seriously as a professional, then this networking and exposure will be a great opportunity for you to up your game and career; and this fact has been proved true again and again for many of the leading DJs today who greatly benefited from the connections they made through their work.

  1. Free stuff!

Ah yes, one of the best perks of DJ-ing around with your mixer is all the free and complimentary goodies you receive at each event. Free drinks and free food are just the only things you receive; the generosity of some people and parties can land you some pretty cool free stuff like watches, tickets, VIP party invitations, hotel rooms and even phones and some pretty expensive electronic gears.

Fun fact is that many DJs don’t even work for the money, they do it all for the goodies. Many DJs have even disclosed to us that they receive ridiculous money prizes, like $100 for a song request. Yes, your DJ mixer is going to make you some good cash alright!

  1. The “Label”

“Oh, you have a pretty cool mixer there. Must be fun being a DJ!”

If you have a good quality DJ mixer and if you know how to use it, make the most out of it, then you are no less than a DJ. And here’s the thing about DJs: people love them! There is not a single person on earth who would argue with that. DJ are always the soul of the party and everyone’s favorite. People always consider them to be laid back, chill, fun, adventurous and trendy. We all see DJs like they are living their life to the fullest, happiest; an impression we are all attracted to, whether it’s true or not.

People love to hangout with them and they are hardly ever out of company and friends. DJs are the hippest crowd to keep contacts with and people always seem to love their aura. Crowd-pleasers by all means!

  1. Mobility

Most modern DJ mixers are made keeping portability in mind and design. They tend to be more lightweight and compact than their older kinds. So much so that some of the DJ mixers will fit right into a backpack, easily. This means one thing and one thing only: work from anywhere! You no longer have to plan your appointments, clear your schedule to sit with your mixer anymore. You can carry it with you anywhere and everywhere; in the car, at work break, at the diners.

  1. Workload

Whether you’re a pro or a beginner, one thing you learn early on is that DJ mixers make the whole process of DJ-ing very quick and easy. You work for hours, yes, but for 2 to 3 days a week only. That is because your mixer, modern ones at least, comes with all the right settings, features and offers that get the work done, fast! With some inspiration for work and the right software at hand, you’ll be done within hours. And, this means you won’t have to slave over it for days and you’ll have more time to live life doing other things that need to be done.

  1. Power of music

This benefit may be far out and does not directly help you, but it is still an excellent point to exhibit the power of a DJ mixer. Each beat and every track you create on your mixer has the power to become the ambassador of an entire generation or era if it is good enough. People will recognize you for your signature style.

You may have noticed that one very specific and popular club beat often comes up in various songs for years after years; that is what having a good hand at your mixer could do. It has the power to steer and give direction to the whole music culture.

  1. Appreciation for your work

This point is one of the most precious benefits of using a DJ mixer and you will be thanking it for this for the rest of your life.

Your creation on your mixer is a great way to express yourself and reflect your personality; being able to build music is an art after all. And there is nothing quite like it in the world when you put your work out there and receive appreciation and acknowledgment for it in return. This acceptance makes you realize your self-worth and talent; something we all could really admire in today’s world.  Knowing that the crowd goes wild you’re your beats and tracks really boosts your confidence and you slowly learn to come out of your shell and begin to stand out. It empowers you and your passions to do more and do even better. Now, I don’t know about you, but anything that helps you with your self-esteem and self-worth is a blessing worth keeping and your DJ is just that!

A DJ mixer is so much more than just a console; it is a very a personal and special investment. And the benefits we mentioned here today in our article are just some of the many advantages it brings with it.

Your DJ mixer will become your answer to entertainment, education and some great income. It brings with it many opportunities and adventures; you will never sit idle. But, the most beneficial aspect of using a DJ mixer is the progress in personality and value it brings to your life. You are more confident and social to get out and express yourself to the world. Using a DJ mixer, and using it right, will open many doors for you; some for learning, some for progress and some for adventure. These small steps are usually the making of something big; you never know when you might get your big break for a       life-changing event. You will never regret using a DJ mixer and that’s a promise!