The Behringer VMX1000 Review will talk about the various features and benefits of using the pro mixer with ease and skill. This professional DJ mixer is a 7 channel ultra low noise mixer with state of the art phono preamps. There is a built-in USB interface for recording and playback of any digital music file. This works without any setup or drivers in the PC or Mac.

The software included is called Revolutionary energy XT2.5 Compact edition. It is included with feature-rich audio or MIDI sequencer that loads almost instantly to all types of computer platforms. The software bundle includes Audacity vinyl restoration and recording, with Podifier and Golden ear podcasting software. There is an intelligent dual BPM counter in the controller.

Behringer VMX1000 ReviewBehringer pro mixer review

Now I will talk about some of the features and specifications of this controller in detail in this Behringer pro mixer review.

More Inputs for More Fun

The latest VMX series has many RCA inputs to mix up the vinyl cuts via turntables or to feed signal from CD or tape players. It is also possible to add in a mic input for an impromptu rap, for making announcements during the live shows or to do just about any other vocal nuance.

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This controller is also capable of accessing the MP3 library or digitizing your own creative mix with the USB connection with the computer. The idea is that if you can click, spin or speak to it, the VMX series controller can mix it into something new and creative according to your creative juices. The Behringer pro mixer review thinks this is a great thing to have as it makes mixing more easy and fun to do.

A Mixer for Everyone

You might b a veteran in the DJ business or a complete newbie starting in the low water, you can benefit from this pro mixer. The Behringer VMX1000USB pro mixer has 7 channels. It features smooth ultra glide faders with up to 500,000 life cycles and a cross fader that is VCA controlled. This results in smooth audio performance with utmost reliability. The adjustable cross fader means you get to quickly adapt to various mixing styles in no time.

This pro mixer also features the XPQ stereo surround effect that will add a finishing touch. There is a 3 band kill EQ, Gain control with precise level meter per channel added in the mixer as well. Moreover, there is an EQ on and off switch on the stereo channels. There is a monitor function with the main balance control split option and auto talk over function with separate depth and sensitivity control. As you can see, this pro mixer is loaded with technical specifications and it will up your game to a whole new level.

If you are in the lookout for a mammoth bass, look no further, as this pro mixer features a subwoofer output with adjustable x – over frequency and level control for putting in some extra punch to your rocking numbers. Thankfully you will never run out of connectivity options with the balanced Main and additional zone outputs.

Value for Money

The Behringer VMX1000 price you pay is nothing compared to the superior quality and performance you get from this pro mixer. The superior build qualities along with the rugged components are a sign that this mixer will serve you for years to come. It’s a name that DJs approve of and there is a reason behind it. The Behringer vmx1000 review can also vouch for that.

Now I will talk about some pros and cons  with sime FAQs about the BEHRINGER VMX1000 USB PRO MIXER to give you a better insight of the mixer.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Q: What is the power rating of this pro mixer?

A: The model is 120 volts USA model.

Q: Can this pro mixer be used as a DJ console with an amplifier?

A: No, you will still need an amplifier.

Q: Can this pro mixer be used as recording mixer?

A: For making a mix, yes, it can be. But you can’t use this for recording in the studio if you care about quality too much.

Q: While using PC, what software does the pro mixer use?

A: Serato.

Q: Can this mixer play a streaming file from Spotify with a USB?

A: Yes, when this mixer is connected to the computer with a USB, the mixer shows up as a standard audio device meaning you can use it as any other regular audio device.

Q: How many DB cut and boost do we get from this mixer?

A: Maximum.

Final Words

The ‘ BEHRINGER VMX1000USB PRO MIXER REVIEW ‘ would like to end on a positive note as despite being a quality pro mixer, the price is so reasonable. The values are truly well worthy of the money and I like all the specifications and details it has connected with the pro mixer to make it super versatile and unique. I think anyone willing to learn a new skill will benefit a lot from this pro mixer. I like how after attaching the pro mixer to a computer it will actually work as an audio device. Other than this I really like the multiple input options as well, as it makes the pro mixer a very versatile and unique product. I will recommend this BEHRINGER VMX1000USB DJ MIXER  to anyone who is looking for a highly upgraded pro mixer but still wants to stay within a reasonable budget.

Behringer Pro Mixer VMX1000USB Professional 7-Channel Rack-Mount DJ Mixer with USB/Audio Interface









  • Ample amount of inputs to add in every necessity.
  • A pro mixer that is versatile enough for anyone’s use.
  • Well worth the price.
  • USB sound card is great to get music from PC.
  • Handle on the back protects the connection on the underside.


  • The mixer emits a loud and distracting hum.
  • The sliders are kind of hard to move.
  • Not able to run two separate audio outputs.
  • Input switches on the underside are not labeled, which can be a hassle and a time waster.