The Behringer pro mixer DX626 review is basically going to talk about the multiple features of the pro mixer and how they work together to give multiple benefits to the user. The pro mixer has an integrated BPM counter that embodies a proven 3 channel design which is loved by the DJs worldwide. The dual rail Ultra glide cross fader is super smooth and has a life expectancy of up to 500,000 life cycles to guarantee years of usage out of this pro mixer.

There are many more features such as the three dual input stereo channels that comes with gain and 3 band kill EQ. There is one channel that is additionally switchable to studio grade ULN mic input and the manual talk over version lets the user work in new and innovative ways. The Behringer pro mixer DX626 is super easy to operate and it benefits the user to use their creativity to the fullest. Morever it comes with a PFL function with a master PFL mix option and a dedicated PFL bar graph. There is a BNC gooseneck lamp socket that helps the overall work life of the user. The German company Behringer has conceived and designed this pro mixer.

Behringer Pro Mixer DX626 review

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Behringer Pro Mixer DX626 Review

Now the Behringer pro mixer DX626 review will talk about these features and benefits in more detail to better the idea of this pro mixer.

Three Stereo Inputs

The Behringer pro mixer DX626 has three dual input stereo channels with gain and 3 band kill EQ. Kill EQs can be lowered to a much greater extent (Up to – 32 dB in this mixer) than they can be raised upward (+12 dB for this mixer). These Kill EQs are very useful in fading a frequency range out of a music track to mix two songs together or to do other unique customizations to a single track.

The Behringer pro mixer DX626 review thinks this is a very convenient way to get fast hold of the music tracks. This will also help in blending in the songs when the crowd is going wild and the DJ needs to change the upcoming track in the last moment by judging the crowd’s vibe and mood. A good DJ should always know how to read the crowd’s mind and these three stereo inputs can help in achieving that.

The first of these three channels is also switchable to studio grade Ultra Low Noise (ULN) mic input, to be used with the manual talk over function.

BPM Counter

The Behringer pro mixer DX626 review would like to add that this pro mixer’s BPM counter is an extremely useful feature as it does multiple things at once. It enables the user to let have a smooth transition from one musical track to the next one which makes the overall quality of the musical session a better result. The BPM counter can also calculate the various tempi of the tracks in beats per minute (BPM). The left side of the display of the Behringer pro mixer DX626 shows the tempo on the channel number 2 and the right side of the display shows the tempo on the channel number 3. However, the BPM counter sometimes gets jammed and doesn’t show the proper BPM. This can happen after using this pro mixer for a while. This is a negative side of the pro mixer.

Monitoring Functions

The monitor of the pro mixer functions with master or PFL mix options. The PFL signal is the headphones’ signal. It lets the user preview the music without having an effect on the master signal. The headphone channel signal is taken Pre-fader. With the three buttons lined up as CH -1, CH -2 and CH -3, the user can easily determine the signal source of the headphones’ signal. You can either choose the listen to all three of these channels simultaneously or preview the channels individually. The Behringer pro mixer DX626 review thinks this is a great feature to keep track of the mixes in an easy way.

Gooseneck Lamp Socket

The lamp socket is basically there to make your life easier. You can connect a commercially bought 12 volt BNC lamp to get a better view of the board of your pro mixer even in the darkest situations. The Behringer pro mixer DX626 review thinks that this simple yet effective feature is a nice addition on the pro mixer as it makes the overall performance smoother with lesser hassle. The gooseneck lamp socket will help in making the user’s life easier even though it is such a small and simple feature.

Now I will talk about some of the pros and cons of using the Behringer pro mixer DX626 in this Behringer pro mixer DX626 review.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Q: Is there a USB port in this pro mixer?

A: No, there isn’t.

Q: Can this pro mixer be used in both US and Europe?

A:  Yes, you can use it in both places. 

Final Words

The Behringer pro mixer DX626 review would like to add on a positive note despite having some cons. Overall I personally liked using this product and have not come across any adverse situations so far so for me it was an amazing mixer to work with. Given the price range and the unique features, I will say that this was a good investment on my part. I think this will be more useful to DJs who are just starting out and still in the learning process, compared to the veterans. I will recommend this product mainly to the newbie.











  • Convenient and useful three stereo inputs.
  • BPM counter conveniently makes use of the mixer in keeping track of all the upcoming tracks.
  • One can easily and quickly monitor with the help of the convenient 3 channels monitoring option.
  • Addition of the gooseneck lamp socket is truly an amazing feature to have better sight even in the darkest gigs.


  • The BPM monitor sometimes misbehaves.
  • The headphone jack only works when pulled out about ¼ inches.